The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ - Multipurpose Diamond Saw Bladefor angle grinders and cut-off tools


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The EXTRACTOR Blade™ for angle grinders and cut-off tools - 2" up to 10" diameter. Cuts wet or dry.

Engineered with durability in mind, the heart of the blade is a steel core with industrial cutting diamonds vacuum-brazed to the edge. Segments do not break or fly off as with traditional laser-welded diamond blades, making this blade literally bulletproof.  It is currently the most dependable all-purpose rescue blade available and will outlast well over 100 abrasive blades.

These multipurpose cutting blades are used to cut open any building material and vehicle. For a demonstration of cutting abilities, please visit our Videos page. Several materials are being cut there. 

These blades save lives of people involved in horrible car accidents, fires that are out of control and other unfortunate situations. This blade will not break like abrasive blades and can handle heavy-duty emergency needs. For example, a car door can be wedged shut after an accident. Our blade is designed to cut through any metal or plastic without binding and maximizing RPMs.

In building construction, our blade is the most efficient for gaining entry and/or creating ventilation without sacrificing performance. Our blade is meant to cut through metal bars or tubing that may be involved in industrial accidents. We have this on demonstration at our Videos page. Just as our blade is useful for metal and building materials, is can also cut through concrete.

An all-purpose blade like The EXTRACTOR Blade ™ can be used for just about anything. If you need to cut something, this blade will cut it. This blade has proven durability and incredible versatility under the harshest conditions, making abrasive blades a thing of the past. 


This Multipurpose Blade Cuts the Following:

  • Auto bodies & frames
  • Iron
  • Steel - 1/4"- 5/8"
  • Stainless steel
  • Ductile pipe
  • Guard rails
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Hard brick
  • Concrete block
  • Reinforced concrete w/ rebar
  • Tempered chain
  • Hurricane glass
  • Security glass
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Fiberglass
  • PVC pipe
  • Plastic
  • Roof tile
  • Floor tile
  • Metal roofing
  • Steel doors
  • Security bars
  • Door locks / deadbolts
  • Wood - 2x4 / plywood
  • and more!


For more information or ordering, call (561) 702-0653.
Special pricing for Fire/Police departments.


Extractors for angle grinders and cut-off tools:  Excellent for ventilation or breaching Hurricane Glasswith battery-operated or 110-volt angle grinder. 

2"-3" blades fit sizes 1/4" or 3/8" arbors, while 4"-10" fit an arbor size of 5/8" (5mm) and 7/8".  Fits most angle grinders.


Part Number Diameter Thickness
EX-2 2" .080"
EX-3 3" .080"
EX-4 4" .080"
EX-4.5 4.5" .080"
EX-5 5"  
EX-6 6"  
EX-7 7" .095"
EX-10 10" TBA


Cutting Tips to Achieve the Best Performance with The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade

  1. Spin the blade in the direction of the arrow stamped and painted on it.
  2. EXTRACTOR Blades are not fragile like abrasive blades. Cut with confidence, and some pressure can be applied to increase cut speed.
  3. Keep the saw RPM high so the blade doesn’t bog down in the cut, and try to keep the blade straight and perpendicular to the cut.
  4. If the blade begins to bog down in the cut, quickly raise it from the point. By keeping the saw's RPMs high, generally one does not need to remove the blade completely from the cut to get the blade back up to high RPMs.
  5. When cutting soft materials like aluminum, copper or brass, the diamond edge of the blade may glaze up a little. If this happens, stick the tip of the blade, while spinning at high RPMs, into asphalt, concrete block, brick, or the road surface to deglaze it (remove debris and expose the diamonds) for maximum cutting performance.
  6. For hurricane glass and security glass, also use high RPMs for fastest cut.
  7. When finished cutting, 

IMPORTANT: Always use safety glasses, appropriate mask and protective clothing when cutting.

Customer Service
(561) 702-0653

Sole Source of The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™

The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™ is engineered with durability and versatility in mind. The heart of the blade is a steel core with high quality industrial cutting diamonds vacuum-brazed to the edge.

Husqvarna K970 Saw Special

Special Combination Package includes 14" diameter EXTRACTOR™ All-Purpose Diamond Rescue Blade. It cuts everything fast! Special Discount Sale Price $1598.99 FOB Delray Beach, Florida.  While they last!  Read more or see Testimonials.

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