The Birth of and Discovery of The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ - a New Name in Fire Rescue Diamond Blades

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Jim Bast, Sr., is a volunteer CERT captain for the Delray Beach CERT program, which has 250 trained volunteers in 37 neighborhoods in the city.  He is extremely proud of his two sons, who are South Florida firefighter / paramedics: Jim Bast II (right) is an Engineer with Delray Beach Fire Rescue. Jeff Bast (left) is a Captain with Greenacres Fire Rescue. 

President Jim Bast with his 2 Florida firefighter sons.

Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. all began when his sons graduated from the fire academy and started jobs at their respective fire departments. Both departments were using abrasive blades and some diamond blades on their K-950 and K-960 Husqvarna rescue saws. Firefighters often lost valuable time changing abrasive blades or diamond blades when they broke a segment off right in the middle of cutting something.  And pieces of the blades often flew off at the speed of bullets. Hearing about this, started Jim on a quest to find or develop a truly dependable all-purpose diamond blade that could cut anything exceptionally fast, and not break.

Jim had years of experience with gas cutoff saws used in the construction and demolition industries, and he knew many of the top blade manufacturers. A personal relationship with one on the leading edge of diamond blade technology and design ultimately led to him trademarking The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™.  It is a true high-tech high-quality all-purpose diamond fire rescue blade that cuts everything, and cuts it extremely fast without breaking.

A division chief of special operations and close friend of Jim's was the first to put The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ to the test. The chief's firefighters found it cut everything extremely fast without breaking. The blade's durability, extraordinary versatility and exceptional life were the best they had seen. The chief put EXTRACTOR™ Blades on all the departments rescue saws. From there, Jim took it to another fire department's division chief of training and testing. This team of firefighters also cut everything they could get their hands on. When they finished, they called The EXTRACTOR™ Blade "phenomenal." They put the blade on all their rescue saws too.  By the time Jim made his third and fourth stops for testing at his sons' fire departments, word of mouth had already spread like wildfire and The EXTRACTOR™ Blade quickly became in demand. That was the birth of Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. and

about fire rescue bladesNow, The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ has become the #1 rescue blade of choice of every US fire department that has tested it. To date, no look-a-like copycat so-called all-purpose diamond blade has ever outperformed The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ in tests conducted under the harshest of conditions by professional firefighters and SWAT teams. The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ always meets and exceeds expectations.

Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. is a privately owned business.  It sells directly to fire departments and police departments at huge discounted prices. 85% of its customers are referred by those using The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ and Husqvarna saws.

Jim is committed to keeping his prices extremely low and affordable so all fire department and SWAT teams can have The EXTRACTOR Blade, the same phenomenal diamond rescue blade his own sons depend on daily.  

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to work closely with our manufacturers to remain on the leading edge of diamond blade technology.  And listen to our customers to continually meet their needs with the highest-quality rescue blades, saws and products at the most affordable prices while providing outstanding customer service to build long-lasting relationships.  

Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. looks forward to receiving testimonials with videos or pictures demonstrating its rescue blades in action. For submissions, information or questions about products, contact 

(561) 702-0653 (9 a.m.-9p.m.) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. will never sell, trade, share or rent your e-mail address.

Customer Service
(561) 702-0653

Sole Source of The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™

The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™ is engineered with durability and versatility in mind. The heart of the blade is a steel core with high quality industrial cutting diamonds vacuum-brazed to the edge.

Husqvarna K970 Saw Special

Special Combination Package includes 14" diameter EXTRACTOR™ All-Purpose Diamond Rescue Blade. It cuts everything fast! Special Discount Sale Price $1598.99 FOB Delray Beach, Florida.  While they last!  Read more or see Testimonials.

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