The original EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™


The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ is highly effective, but inferior to our new EXTRACTOR II Rescue BladeWe recommend this blade for training or as a backup blade due to its lower cost. The blade is a steel core with high quality industrial cutting diamonds laser-welded to the edge. Available in 12, 14, and 16 inch sizes.

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The original EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™

EXTRACTOR Diamond rescue blades are constructed of a solid steel core with laser-welded segment. The diamond crystals are bonded in a unique matrix forming the segments. The segments are then laser-welded to the circumference (rim), providing its unique performance characteristics. The blade is formulated to cut ferrous materials very fast with a high-speed gas saw. The turbo rim design of this diamond laser-welded blade makes it cut faster than any laser-welded diamond blade on the market.

This blade is highly effective, but is inferior to our EXTRACTOR II Rescue BladeWe recommend the EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade for training or as a backup blade due to its lower cost.


Diameter / Thickness

12″      /      .142″

14″      /      .142″

16″      /      ,142″

Blade fits all gas saws. Arbor size: 1″ or 20mm

  • Concentration: 30%
  • Mesh size segments: 30/40
  • Segment height: 5mm

Benefits and Features

  • Consistent depth of cut
  • Unaffected by water intrusion
  • Pre-tensioned steel core prevents wobble and flex
  • Outlasts 100 or more abrasive blades

Cuts These Materials:

Medium-gauged steel

Steel doors

Metal roofing

Auto body sheet metal (including busses)



Guard rails

Security bars and locks

Ductile iron pipe


Additional information

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12-in, 14-in, 16-in