BT Chief – Special Ops, Boca Raton, Florida

 “We not only have the EXTRACTOR diamond blades on our K-12 rescue saws in Special Operations, our whole fire department uses them on a wide variety of Husqvarna / Partner / K-12 rescue saws from the K-750 to K-960.   Our mechanics use the 2″ and 3″ EXTRACTOR blades on die grinders, the 4″ and 4.5″  EXTRACTOR Blades on angle grinders, and the 12″ and 14″ EXTRACTOR Blades on an electric chop saw. From the 16” diameter to smallest sizes, the EXTRACTOR series All-Purpose Diamond Blade are the best we’ve ever used.”

Fire Chief, Greenacres, Florida

The EXTRACTOR Diamond Blades are in service on all Husqvarna / Partner / K-12 rescue saws.   “It’s a real all-purpose rescue blade, the best we’ve ever had.  It cuts everything very fast and holds up great.  And the price is real cheap compared to others we’ve bought that didn’t hold up and didn’t cut nearly as fast. Great blade.”   

Chris Coons – Division Chief, Florida

“The cost difference in the two blades was unknown to the testers in a value comparison. For overall speed, reliability, wear usage and ability to penetrate and cut, it is the opinion of the testers that the EXTRACTOR blade is the hands-down top performer. The blade produces less noise, less by-product shrapnel, and cuts through a wider range of materials than the other Demolition blade. The EXTRACTOR blade was put through a barrage of materials and showed no obvious usage wear or damage. It is the consensus of the testing group that having just this blade on a K12 saw…

Division Chief, Delray Beach, Florida

EXTRACTOR Blade is in service on every K-12, Husqvarna / Partner gas cutoff rescue saw in the department. “The only problem I see with your EXTRACTOR Diamond Rescue Blade is the darn thing doesn’t seem to ever want to wear out! So with the long blade life it has, your reorders might be a little slow coming. It’s really an awesome all-purpose rescue blade. Thanks.”

Shawn R. Beckowitz, Fire Rescue Captain

This blade was selected by our Specifications Committee after extensive hands on testing by my department. We switched all of our K-12 saws over to this blade 5 years ago. We are a medium sized department, running approx. 14,000 calls a year from six stations.  We use our saws often on vehicle fires, commercial and residential building fires and not to mention the large amount of training time where our saws are used.  It has been five years and we have never replaced a blade as of yet.  This product truly lives up to its reputation! Using the old style…