Captain John Curd, Riviera Beach Fire Rescue

This report was given by Captain John Curd, Riviera Beach Fire Rescue, on June 10, 2015.  It is referencing our original EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ and the new hybrid EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™.

The original Extractor Rescue Blade™ has been one of the most versatile blades within our department. After our original purchase of The Extractor Rescue Blade™ in 2008 they have remained in service and preformed just as well as the day they were purchased. Recent forcible entry training has put the blade to the test. We conducted training over a month and each member of our department was required to make multiple cut on various materials. It is estimated that over 300 cuts were made utilizing 2 blades on materials ranging from rebar to hurricane glass were made and after 7 years and hundreds of cuts made the blades have just started to wear.

After the proven history of The Extractor Rescue Blade™ we reached out to Fire Rescue Blades and were introduced to the new hybrid version of the blade (Extractor II). When demoed the new blade preformed without flaw. Cuts were made on poured concrete cinder block, 1” Stainless steel solid pipe, wood, aluminum window framing and hurricane glass and the new blade didn’t disappoint. We have decided to stay with the Extractor series of blades and migrate to the new Extractor II as the default blade for our rotary saws based on versatility and durability.