Shawn R. Beckowitz, Fire Rescue Captain

This blade was selected by our Specifications Committee after extensive hands on testing by my department. We switched all of our K-12 saws over to this blade 5 years ago. We are a medium sized department, running approx. 14,000 calls a year from six stations.  We use our saws often on vehicle fires, commercial and residential building fires and not to mention the large amount of training time where our saws are used.  It has been five years and we have never replaced a blade as of yet.  This product truly lives up to its reputation! Using the old style blades you were forced to change blades on scene to cut different material or I have personally witnessed a crew need to change a steel blade after cutting one commercial building roll up door.  With the Extractor Rescue Blade™ you have the versatility to cut everything with ease, speed and it never seems to wear out, all using this one blade.  Now that I have said all this, we are excited to test out the Extractor-II Rescue Blade™.  We currently have one in field testing right now and it is showing all the same qualities as the original with enhanced cutting speeds.  We are excited with the results of the field tests and are looking forward to upgrading our fleet to Extractor II real soon.  I have been in the Fire Service for 33 years and this is definitely one product that I would put my name and reputation behind.